Pursuant to the Patriot Act and the Freedom Of Information Act #8535BSUS Every Drivers License Issued In The United States Is Available For Public View.

Congress is currently trying to enact a law to prohibit our website from displaying drivers licenses online.

We aren’t sure how much longer this site will be available for viewing.

As of today, more than 141,437,592 U.S. drivers licenses are available for search.


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Data is NOT collected and is used for search purposes only.

If you do not want your private information made available to the public, please complete the search for your license and then click the “OPT-OUT” button and your information will be removed.

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“Joseph, T.” ,  (last name withheld for privacy)

“Thanks to your site I was able to avoid jail time because I could prove I had a drivers license at the time of my drunken driving.



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“Francesca, S.” (last name and address withheld for privacy)

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